Bandit’s Page

Bandit of Buck Hill

Nickname: Bandit or Bandy
Date of Birth: 9/19/2018
Color: Tri-color black and white with liver markings and blue eyes
Owners: Parker, Buck Hill Aussies
Mother: Blue Eyed Liz, a Blue Merle
Father: Blue Eyed Rebel, a long-haired tri-color, black and white with liver markings

About Bandit

Bandit was our second Aussie… Warning: they are like potato chips… you can’t stop at one.

From the first day he came to us as a 12-week-old puppy, we knew he would grow up to be Top Dog around here.

He doesn’t just patrol the property… he does it with a swagger! Despite the fact that he is “all boy” and a little rough around the edges, he is very loving to his humans, generous with his “hugs and kisses” and gentle and loving to his babies. Don’t miss the videos showing this on the Adopt A Puppy Page.

We think we picked the perfect husband for Mini, as these two already stick together like glue. 

And they indeed have given us some gorgeous puppies!


Bandit's Ancestral Pedigree

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