Recent Updates:

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that my parents, the previous owners of Buck Hill Aussies, have retired. I will continue to keep the same ethos and quality of breeding standards as they have for all these years.

I will be gradually updating the website to reflect any and all changes that have occurred due to this. Please bear with me.

Aussies With Tails! Why We Love Them:


They are the most gorgeous, eye-catching canine specimens we have ever seen.


They are hard-working ranch dogs with a strong herding instinct.


They are fiercely loyal, protecting their property and their people.


They are very interesting, to the point of being “quirky”.


They are big-hearted, courageous and freely loving.


Aussies have enriched our lives more than we had ever anticipated!

Who We Are

Not just an ordinary dog breeder… We are experienced in the ways of Aussies, yet are fairly new at breeding and offering them up for adoption. We created a “mission statement” the day we started planning our new endeavor, and here it is:

“Buck Hill Aussies is committed to rearing the most healthy, beautiful and happy dogs we can in an informal, yet safe and regulated environment.”

Although we are on a learning curve with all this, we feel that we are succeeding in our Mission!


Well, we don’t actually have any kennels that look like the photo on the right. We are located in beautiful North Central Florida on over four acres. The homestead is securely fenced and safe, and all our dogs and puppies roam free on the property*. 

*New, young and vulnerable litters are protected inside the house with Mom & Dad nearby.

Far from being a Puppy Mill, this is Doggie Heaven! Our dogs interact from an early age with our cat, chickens, ducks, and geese. We groom and lovingly handle new pups daily, and they are also socialized with children and other dogs who visit us frequently.

Australian Shepherds- Ocala, Florida


                                                     Why Our Australian Shepherds are special:

1. Our breeding stock was carefully chosen for superior beauty, health and conformation (adherence to breed standards). We strive to raise exceptional dogs suitable for ranch work, the show ring or home protection and companionship.

2. All pups offered for adoption are purebred and registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club).

3. Pups are thoroughly socialized from birth with other dogs, cats, poultry and children. They are handled daily and given tons of love and affection. They are never struck or treated harshly in any way. As a result, they have been the most big-hearted and loving dogs we have ever met!

4. All pups are up-to-date on worming, have received their first vaccinations, and have been deemed healthy by a Florida licensed veterinarian. (Certificate provided) 

5. Our Aussies have tails! Find out why we do not dock their tails here.

6. If you adopt an Aussie puppy from us, you will receive all documentation (papers), as well as a special “Puppy Pack”.

7. You can reserve your favorite puppy for a $300 deposit.  Take a peek at the current litter here.

8. Don’t you just hate it when you get to a site that doesn’t mention the price of the dogs? We do too, and so we are transparent about our pricing. Our outstanding pups go for $1,500.

Customers Reviews

"First class operation! They are a small breeder and treated us like family! The puppy is absolutely beautiful, active and so friendly. We couldn't be happier with the whole adoption process." ~Casey Barnes Belleview, FL
"My son fell in love with Bo (now Toby Beau) and was willing to give up his birthday and xmas money to be able to bring him home with us. This happy, healthy and energetic puppy melted our hearts and has already made my son more responsible in Toby's daily care and training. They've bonded and will be friends for life. Many thanks to Buck Hill Aussies!" ~Judy Nelson, Salt Springs, FL
Hi Jean - Maverick (Tri Red) and Miles (Blue Merle) are awesome pups. They are both super lovers and great with kids, dogs, cats and chickens. Maverick is definitely more mischievous while Miles is the thoughtful one when taking risks. They are gentle, loving and smart Aussies and nothing beats the tails. We are so happy we adopted them from you, and also glad we got both brothers. They are almost always together and truly love each other. Thanks, ~Matt Verratti Lutz, FL



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