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Out of Aussie puppies; Possible litter anticipated with pups due in June

Our Regular Prices: Merles are $1,500; all other pups are $1,200.



And From the First Litter...

Maverick & Miles

Maverick (Tri Red) and Miles (Blue Merle) are awesome pups. They are both super lovers and great with kids, dogs, cats and chickens. Maverick is definitely more mischievous while Miles is the thoughtful one when taking risks.

We have a fairly large property and while pups were and are still able to fit through parts of the fence. However within a week they were well trained to the invisible fence we installed to protect them. Miles of course only need a couple breaches while Maverick was a bit more tolerable but both trained well and quickly.

They are gentle, loving and smart Aussies and nothing beats the tails. Miles is now 26 lbs and Maverick is 22 typically gaining 2 lbs a week. We are so happy we got both brothers as they are almost always together and truly love each other.

Matthew Verratti

Diesel at 6 Months

About Diesel: He is just like his siblings. His tail use to touch the ground. LOL. Is very attached to Troy and I with a heart of gold.

Very smart. He has completed his first six weeks of puppy school in Dec. We do the next advance course next week. The ladies that do the courses also do dock diving and agility training. We may do that next once he is over 10 months old since they wait for there joints develop for hitting the water.

He loves being in our pool. He started that since the first day we brought him home. I thought I was going to jump in after him and he just started swimming. He doesn't like his picture taken. I have to hold a treat up to get him to look at me. LOL. He has brought us so much pleasure. Lori W.

Toby Beau

"My son fell in love with Bo (now Toby Beau) and was willing to give up his birthday and xmas money to be able to bring him home with us. This happy, healthy and energetic puppy melted our hearts and has already made my son more responsible in Toby's daily care and training. They've bonded and will be friends for life. Many thanks to Buck Hill Aussies!" ~Judy Nelson, Salt Springs, FL


Why our puppies are superior:

*Purebred and registered in the NKC, CKC and the ASDR. [National Kennel Club, Continental Kennel Club & American Stock Dog Registry]

*Both parents have been genetically cleared for 152 genetically-transmitted diseases, including the most common genetic Aussie diseases, such as elbow and hip dysplasia, Hereditary Eye Defects, MDR1 (Multi-drug sensitivity), and Thyroid disease… Your puppy will be clean of all the common Aussie genetic diseases!!!

*Reared in a loving family environment. Our Aussies are all pets. They spend their first four weeks inside our house, (in the utility room), with Mom nursing them often. They then move on to our outside “kennel”, which is actually a protective fenced area about 20′ x 40′ with a big, snug, warm and dry, wood lined “cabin”. They also gleefully roam the entire 3 acres several times a day and  come inside our air-conditioned house for a few hours in the afternoon Florida heat). No Puppy Mill dogs here!

* Tails are intact!

*FL veterinarian certified to be in good health. All shots and worming up-to-date. Each pup comes with all papers and a generous “Puppy Pack”.

*Pups are ready to take home at 8 weeks of age.

* Contact Us for more information or to reserve your favorite puppy.

Take a peek at the first litter of pups at play:
Take note how loving & gentle Dad is.