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Daisy of Buck Hill

Nickname: Daisy
Date of Birth: 8/9/2020
Color: Blue merle: black and white with faint tan markings and brown eyes
Owners: Parker, Buck Hill Aussies
Mother: Raven, a black bicolor with white markings
Father: Bear, a blue merle, white and black with tan points


Daisy is our new Mama dog!

She is a beautiful blue merle with a few smudges of tan on her coat, making her a “tweed”. She was born with about half a tail (called a “natural bob”).  As Daisy grew, her hair got really long on her hind-end. It went well past the end of her bob-tail and turned into a “pouf”. We love it. See it in the photos below.

Daisy is a very lively, super-agile beauty, and is the smartest dog I have ever known. She understood several words when she was just a little pup! She is a smiler (you know how some dogs smile and some don’t). Well, Daisy smiles all the time.

To best explain how joyful she is at just being alive, Scott saw her one day watching a butterfly flitting around about 3 feet off the ground. He thought she was going to jump up and snatch it with her mouth, but instead, she lept into the air, twisted her body around and smacked the butterfly with her butt!!! It happened so quick, he had no time to get a video; it would surely have gone viral.

Daisy is registered x3 (CKC, ASDR & NKC), is purebred, and has quickly settled in with the gang here. We love her dearly, and she is already a cherished member of the family.

Here are some pictures of Daisy’s “pouf” tail in all its glory:

And here is a video of Daisy at 2.5 months, (we will take a new one soon and post it):

NKC- DAISY DAISY_20210913_0001
CKC- DAISY_20210913_0001
ASDR- DAISY_20210913_0002

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