The Puppy Pack

This is what you will receive in your special “Puppy Pack” if you adopt one of our Aussie Pups:

*Important Papers:

-Sales Contract

-Florida Department of Agriculture Official Certificate of Veterinary Inspection

-AKC registration documents

*Two Helpful Guides:

-Guide for new Puppy Owners- An excellent and comprehensive guide which gets the whole family involved in caring for the new puppy [FREE 36 page e-book, just “Contact Us” for your copy]

“Living with your Australian Shepherd” Article- Fascinating facts and useful advice.



For years now, we have looked after entire litters and the parents. We love our dogs, and want to help all of our beautiful puppies transition as easily as possible to their new family.

In order to help your new pup feel safe and secure, we include in his Puppy Pack the following 

Comforting and Useful Items:

-A soft baby blanket infused with the smell of the puppy’s mother and litter-mates. Great for comforting your new puppy while he transitions to your family.

-Chew Toy he has been playing with here. Also comforting.

-1 week supply of the food your puppy has been on. [We recommend Purina Puppy Chow for the first year of life]. Important added nutrition for growing pups.

-A foldable pet bowl- for outings with your new puppy!

We care about the future of our special puppies and so provide you with everything you need to jumpstart his new life with your family.

Now just add the love!