Dear Heart’s Timber

red tricolor male aussie

Nickname: Tim/Timmy
Birthdate: 9/10/2020
Color: Red Tri-color, red with liver and white markings
Gender: Male
Sire: Copper XXIV, a red merle
Dam: Ellie Mae Hasting, a red tricolor

About Timber

Timber is protective and loyal. If we hear him barking, we know immediately that something is wrong. Whether the threat is trespassers or the ducks got out and aren’t where they should be, we listen when he speaks and his services have been incredibly valuable to life on a small farm.

He is very loving too and a wonderful father. He’s always cleaning his puppy’s ears between bouts of play. He prefers tug toys and will bring them to his pups frequently to try and coax them into a small game of tug o’ war (which he frequently lets them win on purpose).

He’s incredibly fast, smart, and always on the job.