Mini’s Page

Mini Me of Buck Hill

Nickname: Mini
Date of Birth: 8/14/2016
Color: Blue Merle with tan markings and blue eyes
Owners: Parker, Buck Hill Aussies
Mother: Jolene Steals Her Move (Raven), a bi-color white and black
Father: Jackdaw of Summerfield, a Blue Merle

About Mini

Mini was our first Aussie, and so will always hold a special place in our hearts. She is a very intelligent and loving dog. She has added so much to our lives with her quirky ways, interesting personality and love of ball-fetching and herding.

She has no real “livestock” to herd, so she does the next best thing: she will herd chickens, cats, children, and even motor vehicles!

Mini is such a beautiful specimen, she turns heads and elicits questions from admirers wherever we go. She is healthy and vibrant and with her first two litters has proven to be an  awesome Mommy to her remarkably beautiful pups. 

Mini's Ancestral Pedigree

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